Should I Buy A Sapphire Ring Online?


In the old days, you’d hit one jewelry store after another until you found a sapphire ring that’s ideal for your beloved’s one. Today, the search is easier because online offers websites are hard to rival for both price and selection. However, it’s easy to get lost and confused unless you know exactly what to look for.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you wade through the online options and end up with a truly
stunning genuine sapphire ring!


Choose a reliable vendor:  This is the first step for a reason. If you don’t select a reputable
vendor, it will be challenging to find a beautiful sapphire ring at an excellent price. Throughout
our years of service, customers have showered us with praise and recommended us to their
friends and family.

Verify the Certificate: A lab certificate is essential because it confirms that the sapphire is what
the seller states it is. However, not all certificates are equal. Look for a GIA or AGL certified
sapphire. These are the two most reliable and consistent labs in the world and the only
laboratories with the latest gemstone MRI to test if a sapphire has been enhanced or synthetic
as well as what the treatment is, and an honest online seller would always procure a gem report
from them before making the sale.


Evaluate the Stone: If you are thinking that buying a sapphire ring online is risky because you
cannot see the product in person before putting down money for it, think again! We have a
generous return policy that allows you to try out a ready-made custom sapphire ring and make
sure that you are satisfied with free return shipping and a GIA report with every sapphire so you
know it’s a natural gem. If you’re trying to decide between different sapphires, we can ship the
stones to you for inspection before the work starts on creating your own custom ring.Natural-blue-Gemstone

 Choose Your Setting Style: Countless options are available online for your sapphire ring setting. You can choose one of our pre-designed sapphire ring styles from the hundreds on display in our gallery or go for a completely bespoke sapphire engagement ring based on your personal preference with free CAD design service.Natural-Sapphire-ring

 Take Your Time: If you are purchasing a sapphire ring online, you have the advantage of being
able to cross-reference prices at different vendors, check on anything you’re unsure about, and
go at your own pace without feeling rushed by a pushy salesperson. You have all the knowledge you need at your fingertips, with no pressure to buy until you’re ready.

Ask for Advice: Get a professional opinion on the sapphires you’re considering. We have an
expert available on call 24/7 to answer any questions you might have regarding your sapphire
ring purchase. So do not hesitate to reach out to us anytime. Our goal is to ensure that you are
comfortable with your purchase and to ensure that we will assist you in any way we can.

None of our employees are commissioned based so whether you choose to buy or not makes no the difference we here to give you the facts on the sapphire ring you looking at along with any questions and concerns you might have.

Is Buying A Sapphire Ring Online Safe?

Some people are understandably nervous about buying gemstones online. But if you are buying from a reputable vendor like us, you have nothing to worry about! We only use secure payment channels and include insurance on all of our shipments with next day delivery available for most orders via FedEx.Moreover, we go out of our way to make sure the box won’t give away what’s inside. You can have you the ring shipped to your home or business address, where a signature is required for drop-off, or have it sent to a FedEx location for safe pickup.

To conclude, the answer to the question we started within the title is a resounding yes. With the
abundance of reasons in favor of purchasing sapphire rings online, it makes no sense to take long trips to shop from store to store. You will only be wasting your time dealing with hovering salespeople working on commission. But you don’t have to take our word for it – try it out for yourself!