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Beware of scams – the truth about sapphires being sold by most jewelry stores

Did you know that almost all large companies are selling diffused or beryllium enhanced sapphires as pure natural sapphires? Don’t believe us? Try asking and see if you can extract any information from them about what, if any, treatments have been carried out on the stone. There’s a very good chance your concern will just….

Your Guide to Differentiating a Real Sapphire from a Synthetic One


Any gemstone regardless of its origin can legally be classified as “real” if it contains identical mineral makeup. This is why synthetic sapphire is commonly sold as “real”, but not “natural”. To be labeled as natural, the sapphire gemstones in question has to be taken out directly from the marvelous treasures of mother earth. Then….

The Real Sapphire engagement ring – A Simplified Guide

A real Sapphire is both traditional and a trendy gem choice for your fiancee’s ring. It can cover something old or something new, but it will really wow when brides need something blue. Real sapphire stone is rare, beautiful and durable. When you’re shopping for a real sapphire ring, some knowledge of the components of….